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Study In Czech Republic

Higher education in the Czech Republic enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality. This quality is safeguarded by a national system of regulation and quality assurance.


Czech Republic has a long tradition of high quality university education.

It was in Prague, in the year 1348, where the first university in Central Europe was founded (by the then Czech King Charles IV). Training and research were crucial for a new development of the nation in its modern history. The Czech Republic, a small country in the heart of Europe, is very much aware that international co-operation in science and innovation is a precondition of a long-term success in the globalized world.

Studying in the Czech Republic, at the place of cultural crossroads, is well suited to help develop an open mind and strengthen ability of every student to work together with other people of different backgrounds. Thus, it could also serve as a hub for further adaptation into the modern educational environment at both European and global level. The living standards in the Czech Republic are quite high while the costs of living remain reasonable.

Every year, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports offers scholarships to support foreign students at Czech public universities:

Study in Europe and save money

Czech Republic’s strategic location in the middle of Europe attracts thousands of international students every academic year. To be precise, in 2014 there were over 40 000 foreign students attending different Czech universities. No surprise, only in Czech Republic one can live a Western lifestyle enjoying the lower cost of living at the same time. Which also affects the tuition fees, making them very competitive (3 000 – 11 000 EUR/year) compared to other European countries.

International study programmes

The international environment is vibrating not only in Prague, but also in other Czech cities. Major university centers, apart from Prague, are Brno, Plzen, Hradec Králové or Olomouc. All of them offer a variety of competitive study programmes in English, such as:

Business and Management
Finance & Economics
IT & Computer Science
Social Sciences and Humaninties
Marketing & Media
Veterinary Medicine
Fine Art and Film Studies
The list can go on. What’s even more important, Czech university diplomas are recognized internationally.

International environment

What is also important, most Czech universities offer a wide range of preparatory courses for foreign students. And not only that, a number of international student organizations operate in the Czech Republic, which gives you an opportunity to meet fellow students from all over the world or even join one of the exchange study programmes abroad.

What is student life like in the Czech Republic?

In terms of actual studies, you’ll come across with a truly practical approach. Without a doubt, this is significant for your future career in the desired field. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in an extremely safe and friendly environment, supported by an excellent public transportation system – one of the best in Europe. In general, offer of leisure activities for students is really wide. What’s more, most of the venues provide special student discounts for those engaged into studies in the Czech Republic.

Why study in the Czech Republic?

Here is the list of the main reasons why you should choose to study in one of the Czech universities:

  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Great variety of study programmes in English
  • Affordable tuition fees as well as the cost of living
  • Friendly international environment, 40 000 foreign students
  • Wonderful location in the heart of Europe

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