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This note is my personal recommendation for Avail international Consult Limited (AICL). As this was my first major application, AICL acted as a mentor to me. The staff experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of a very difficult task. I depended on them for coaching with regard to making an application and applying for visa.They prepared , processed and followed up my application until I got an offer letter and eventually my visa.

When the time for visa application came, they did thorough visa counselling for me. Educating me on how to complate the forms and what documents to submit. They helped with accomodation and payment of tuition fees. The Lead Consultant was always ready to assist with any issues. I had the advantage of a personal communication with her.

AGBADIZU PATRICK CHIDOZIE, Business Admin. BA - BPP University College, Manchester

“With profound gladness, I give God the praise for enabling me secure admission into BPP University College and entry Visa to the United Kingdom, London. All credit to Avail Consult for their guide/ advice and assistance in helping my life time dream to come to reality.

LABARAN ANWAR USMAN, ACCA - BPP University, Manchester

AICL impressed me on multiple levels. They have an uncanny sense for what I was pondering but hadn’t yet said aloud, really listened effectively to what I was seeking, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills.


GBEMISOLA BALOGUN, Katherine and king's college, London, KKCL

Avail Consult (AICL) listen to my specific requirements and apply their vast industry knowledge to select a school for me from their partner portfolio that always met my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to students and Parents searching for an agency that is both genuine and honest.


I enjoy working with professionals like AICL. They are willing to answer any questions about my application and the process of getting the visa.