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Olufunso Bakare, ACCA, BPP University, January, 2014

“I give my highest possible recommendation for Mrs Bola Agunbiade of Avail Int. Consults Ltd. I received her recommendation from a friend of mine who is presently studying in the UK. Her outstanding support that continue to go above and beyond in her administrative guideline for Student who are seeking admission to study abroad gave me driving force to seek admission through her.

Mrs Bola Agunbiade remains steadfast in her choice of work and she extraordinary demonstrated excellent managerial skill in decision making which positively resulted in the success of my Student Visa to study in the UK. She is an extremely positive and dependable.Mrs Bola Agunbiade performs her duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner. I highly recommend her as your guide if truly studying abroad is a dream come true for you.

TOTOOLA OLAMIDE, BPP University BSc.(Hons)Business Studies September 2011

“With God all things are possible. I started my UK application processing in 2010. I was unfamiliar with the whole process and just knew that I wanted to study Business in UK. I didnt know where to take it from there. Then I heard about AICL, and got the option of applying to BPP University. I saw that BPP is an excellent University; It has its own degree-awarding powers the same as any other British university, and BPP degrees have gone through the same rigorous QAA testing processes.

In 2010 BPP won the coveted prize of "Post 16 Education Provider of the Year" by the Education investor Magazine and in 2011 were shortlisted for the "Higher Education Provider of the Year" award. BPP have a 35-year track record of delivering high quality professional training to employers. BPP graduates have found work in leading accounting firms, law firms, banks, Government departments and businesses. In a survey conducted by BPP in 2011, only 7% of BPP graduates were still looking for a job 6 months after leaving BPP! What better deal can I get! The journey was smooth sailing with AICL advice and assiatance. Glory be to God and also to Avail consult. The Avail team is just great and they are the best! They never for once let me down, always with me 24/7 which made my visa application successful. Thank you AICL and may the good Lord never let you all down….(AMEN) ”

OBAMOYEGUN OLUWATOBILOBA, Edgware Academy, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, January 2013

I thank God for mercies, my family members for their diverse support. I love them all. I can never forget Avail International Consult.They are wonderful people. Thank you AICL.


RHODA OGUNBUSOLA, BPP University College of Professional Studies, UK

“In all of my dealings with Avail Consult (AICL) they have presented themselves as professional and knowledgeable about Study abroad. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any student, Parent or applicant seeking a student agency that is worth her onions. ”

ANYASI GREG, LLM International Commercial Law, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

“The process involved in pursuing a study abroad can be daunting especially without professional guidance, from choosing the right school to immigration processing, procuring travel documents and flight booking etc. It could all be overwhelming and tedious. I had these challenges but for the professional guidance of the staff at Avail Consult I'd have made a mess of the whole process. Through their professional assistance it was easy sailing from the choice of school to boarding my flight to the United Kingdom. Avail Consult was there to see me through it all and if I had to do it again, they'd still be my preferred consultants”.

ODUMOSU EMMANUEL OLUWASEUN, London School of Business & Finance. ACCA. September 2013

Avail will enable you the privilege to actualize your study dream with ease... Vast experience and exposure makes them unique... I verge for them anytime for any country of your choice of study.

STANLEY UZOETO, Mohawk College Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, PG, International Business Management, January 2012

“In Avail Consult my dream of schooling aboard was fulfilled. The experience I had with the Management and staff was awesome, sincere and fulfilling. Avail come highly recommended.”




“AT Avail consult they focus the goal and not the reward, until result is achieved they keep going. After visiting several education counsellors, I found AICL,there & then everything worked out. My experience with Avail was wonderful. I would recommend anyone to them at anytime. ” .


Bamsen Daze, University of East Anglia, MA Gender Analysis in International Development.

I had the pleasure of having Bola as my agent. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was always available to answer any of my questions no matter what time of the day it was. From the beginning of my application process to the very end I could count on her


 “AICL staff is awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, and does beautiful counselling. It is easy to recommend you to others, I am happy to do it.”


THEOPHILUS ADEOLA OLUFUNSO., West London College. MSc. Financial Management.

I am Adeola Theophilus, a MSc financial Management student of Heriot-Watt university receiving my tuition in west London college. My admission was processed by AICL and I can say it was a professional delivery starting from my application to the university up until my arrival in united kingdom i received a professional prompt and adequate support from the staffs of AICL .

The staff were generally humorous and enthusiastic as they were keen on making my admission a success which eventually was. I got substantial information on available universities, tuition periods and conditions of acceptance which availed me of an exercisable power of choice without restraint I got tips and advice on how I can confidently pass my ielts and also face my interview whilst applying for a visa, they both turn out to be a walk in the park for me courtesy of preparatory sessions I got from AICL

In conclusion, the backbone of a successful business is transparency truthfulness and trustworthiness, all these were never deficient in the business composition of AICL, keep it up all members of staff of AICL l as I look forward

BIGTOWN ANYASI St Patrick College, UK, Professional Diploma In Fashion Design.

“Overall, AICL was a tremendous contributor to the success of my application and obtaining a student visa. In AICL, work is successfully completed either through individual effort or through team work. The Staff work with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of the work in AICL consistently exceeds expectations. I highly recommend AICL.”.



OLAWALE FAGBULE, Northumbria University, UK

“Avail Consults has been a blessing to me ever since coming in contact with them have heard numerous stories on how agents give problems and complicates things, but in my case it was the opposite, because I was the one who caused them numerous problems. But they were very patient and understanding with me in all our dealings and helped me so much in ensuring I had a smooth admission and visa process right from the beginning to the very end with their incisive advice. I would recommend this agency to everyone seeking to process UK admission as you would have the opportunity of getting it right the first time.

USHIE SUSANNE UTIANBESHIE, University of East Anglia

I like what AICL does – solving problems and helping to ensure student’s satisfaction!


ADEBAYO-SALAMI ADEKUNLE OLALEKAN, London School of Business and Finance

I speak on the performance of Avail International Consults Ltd. (AICL). I came in contact with this agency through Google Search (internet).  I emailed the director, and got an instant reply. I got all the help I needed with study abroad options.  I am currently studying ACCA+MBA at LSBF.

MADU CHIBUZOR, BSc Business Administration, BPP University

I am having a very good time studying in London. Three hearty cheers to Avail.


EZEKIEL BAIYE, University of Sunderland

I write on the performance of Avail Consult Ltd. They were of great help to me in securing my admission to study in University of Sunderland, England, United Kingdom. I mm presently study a Postgraduate course in Environmental Sciences.


I am going to London to study ACCA at BPP University-God bless AICL




IWUCHUKWU KENECHUKWU CONRAD,  Mohawk College Hamilton, Ontario, Canada PG, International Business Management, September 2013,

It is my pleasure to recommend Avail international consults ltd. (AICL) for a position related to education consult support. While I was an applicant aspiring to further my education abroad I oversaw her previous works done to people I know. In her position as education consultant, Mrs. Bola went above and beyond the call of duty.

For example, she provided excellent counseling support when I nearly gave up to my quest for love of education. Mrs. Bola has a personable nature. She is always pleasant, and find ways to help regardless of many files she might have at hand on her table. She is a true multi tasked in what she knows how to do best. And she also has a team of staff that work with her, who have this pleasant and positive attitude while working with clients and they make work seem fun and interesting in an ethical work environment.

With her relentless motivation and her knowledge of educational consultancy, I believe she and her team will bring Support, Counseling and Education to your door step. 

OMOTOSHO OLAMILEKAN KAZEEM, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, BEng Mechanical Engineering, September 2013

I am using this medium to recommend to you Avail Int. Consults Ltd, because I trust they will give you the best service you deserve. I got admitted into my present school through them so I'm witness to their indisputable hospitality. Try them and be a witness yourself!!!!!!


 I give God all thanks and adoration for the success my admission and Visa application. Another big thanks to Avail International Consult, I am happy I choose AICL. I really appreciate their support and advice toward my admission and Visa application. May God reward you all. I am very happy and filled with joy writing this testimonial.

ADESHEYOJU PATRICK ADEOLA, Nottingham Trent University, MSc. Engineering Management, January 2013

Being hands-on person, I have always under estimated the need of an agent/ counselor towards University admission. I always thought I could do it all by myself and I say things like what is the internet there for, I can do it by myself, but I was proven wrong. Through the admission process and Visa application I can’t over –emphasize the tutoring I was given by the Counselors in Avail Consult. They made sure everything was done perfectly, not taking anything for granted. I am taking this opportunity to say big thank you. 





This note is my personal recommendation for Avail international Consult Limited (AICL). As this was my first major application, AICL acted as a mentor to me. The staff experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of a very difficult task. I depended on them for coaching with regard to making an application and applying for visa.They prepared , processed and followed up my application until I got an offer letter and eventually my visa.

When the time for visa application came, they did thorough visa counselling for me. Educating me on how to complate the forms and what documents to submit. They helped with accomodation and payment of tuition fees. The Lead Consultant was always ready to assist with any issues. I had the advantage of a personal communication with her.

AGBADIZU PATRICK CHIDOZIE, Business Admin. BA - BPP University College, Manchester

“With profound gladness, I give God the praise for enabling me secure admission into BPP University College and entry Visa to the United Kingdom, London. All credit to Avail Consult for their guide/ advice and assistance in helping my life time dream to come to reality.

LABARAN ANWAR USMAN, ACCA - BPP University, Manchester

AICL impressed me on multiple levels. They have an uncanny sense for what I was pondering but hadn’t yet said aloud, really listened effectively to what I was seeking, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills.


GBEMISOLA BALOGUN, Katherine and king's college, London, KKCL

Avail Consult (AICL) listen to my specific requirements and apply their vast industry knowledge to select a school for me from their partner portfolio that always met my expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to students and Parents searching for an agency that is both genuine and honest.


I enjoy working with professionals like AICL. They are willing to answer any questions about my application and the process of getting the visa.