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What We Do...

  • Promote courses with integrity and accuracy and recruit prospective students in an honest, ethical and responsible manner; Inform prospective students accurately about the requirements of course using only material provided by respective institution;
  • Assist to uphold the high reputation of respective institution and of the UK international education sector;
  • Take reasonable steps in confirming the accuracy of the information provided by prospective students in the application;
  • Ensure that only signed and completed applications are submitted to respective institution;
  • Assist prospective students to complete visa applications;
  • Ensure that relevant fees and charges and supporting documentation accompany each application and acceptance of offer documents;
  • Provide any offer documents received from institution to the prospective student within 24 hours of receiving the offer documents;
  • Provide respective institution with market intelligence about the recruitment of prospective students in the Territory;
  • Only undertake promotional and marketing activities involving respective institution that have been approved by a partner institution;
  • Act in accordance with institution's policies ,procedures and directions given by institution.